Announcing the Kuimba Shiri “Live Again” 2020 Chivero Challenge!

The Chivero Challenge is an international, multi-disciplinary event designed to advance environmental preservation, sports recreation, tourism, health and wellness as well as grassroots sports development.
The event is scheduled to be held from October 31st through November 1st at the Kuimba Shiri Bird Park on the shores of Lake Chivero outside the city of Harare, Zimbabwe, and all funds raised at the event will benefit the Kuimba Shiri Bird Park and the Chivero Basin Conservancy.
Check out this video to learn more about this exciting event, or simply scroll down for more info!

The Kuimba Shiri Bird Park 2020 Chivero Challenge!

2020 Chivero Challenge Sporting Events:

• Running – Half Marathon (21K), a 10K and a 5K
• Horse Riding
• Mountain Biking
• Canoe (or Kayak) Race
• Enduro Off-Road Bike Racing (east side of the lake)

The 2020 challenge focuses on finishing the race and improving athletes’ time. The challenge attracts both professional athletes and armatures from a broad range of abilities, interests and spectators.
Positive impact and awareness will be created for Kuimba Shiri Bird Park, Lake Users Association, AYICCZim, National Parks, Zimbabwe Tourism, Sports and Recreation, City of Harare and other Partners.

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The Kuimba Shiri Bird Park 2020 Chivero Challenge ~ Live Again!